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         R & D and manufacturing
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        Wenguang Group gives judicious guidance according to circumstances, fully integrates business management philosophy, and adopts an ERP management system on links of finance, sales, purchasing, production and the like for optimizing business processes. The Group introduces advanced full computer-controlled injection molding shaping machines, two-color injection molding machines and BMC injection molding machines in the production process, the sealing of headlamps is automatically controlled through adopting Japanese FANAC and U.S. ABB robot glue spreading work stations completely, and the sealing of signal lamps is controlled through adopting hot-plate type plastic heat sealing machines, vibration friction welding machines, ultrasonic plastic bonding machines and other advanced production equipments. The Group has headlamp PC lampshade UV curing and BMC reflecting mirror vacuum electric coating production lines on an internationally advanced level, the key procedures adopt the U.S. ABB robot glue spreading work stations for coating and producing full automatically. Unified high-precision tooling fixtures are adopted, strict process discipline is executed, our products pass environment detection, and the quality safety and the reliability of the whole products are guaranteed. The Group has 210 lamp production equipments of all kinds, 106 internal decoration production equipments, 63 mold processing equipments and 81 fine blanking component equipments.

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