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        1. literary talent, magnificent
        Profound meaning and excellent literature!YI•XI CI XIA
        Mrs. Jin was profound but economic, literary talent but polite--Zuozhuan•Xigong 23 Years

        2. Simple and plain (simple and plain)

        3. Beauty, Perfection
        1. Light: Light, bright-Explanation of Literature
        As bright as sun and moon-Chu Ci•Jiu Ge•Yun Zhong Jun
        Ones wandering in darkness are as bright as sun and moon.---Huainanzi•Chu Zhen
        Sun and moon are clear and bright--- Huainanzi•Benjing
        Light of state-YI•GUAN
        2 . Glory; Obvious
        It is difficult for people to integrate light of fame with behavior under high morality-Tang•Han Yu Yuanhui
        WEN-by integrating glory and connotation, meanwhile it shows the wise result and human concern of enterprise. People-oriented means high sense of responsibility to staffs, society and state so as to realize harmonious development between enterprise and society. GUANG-means sunshine, the ray of light just refers to the lamp manufactured by the enterprise, also means the rising light of this industry so as to lead tide development in this industry. WEN combines with GUANG to suggest that the company will inherit the wisdom result of human beings, just like the ray of light to carry forward itself into new stages

        The picture is composed of first letter Wen and Guang, that is ^W, G ̄ which then looks like one flat globe meaning that the company stands on the globe, internal part of enterprise will unite together, the enterprise culture will blossom like brightness.

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